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A Christian Perspective on Counseling
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Going After God

In this Christian perspective on counseling, Caleb looks at what it means to "Go After God" and having Him renew your mind. Caleb discusses neurotheology (a multidisciplinary field of study that seeks to understand the relationship between the human brain and religion) in regards to what parts of the brain fire during different activities. For example, when we start worshiping God, certain hormones are released in the body that are very healthy for us. He also discusses how certain activities release hormones into the body that are very toxic.

Caleb discusses "taking every thought captive" and "Going After God" so that our minds and lives become much healthier. He doesn't look at only the theory, but gives us practical ways to renew our minds, become healthier, and change our thought patterns to healthier patterns. For example, gratitude is an easy and practical way to do this, but must be done diligently for a few months to build a healthier pattern.

In this video, you'll also hear thoughts that help you answer practical questions such as: "What is the difference between 'positive thoughts' vs. 'heaven-bound perspective thoughts'. This type of healthy thinking can even show positive brain changes in an MRI! This is such a timely topic for us.

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