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A Christian Perspective on Counseling
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Self Control

DESCRIPTION: Caleb states that the Christian Counseling model of counseling he uses can differ from other types of counseling, especially regarding the topic of "Self Control". He addresses motivation to create change from actions that do not exhibit self control, examples of decisions not to change, and how to create change. Caleb discusses how hearing from God can create true, lasting change. He's even found that God can give us "green lights" in things we thought we'd need to change and "red lights" in things we didn't expect to have to change. At times, it even depends upon the nature of our heart while doing that behavior and while asking God about that behavior. Did you know that often we ask God for information about simple things that increase our relationship with Him? Caleb then goes on to discuss how talking with God can help us with issues that require "self control"; AND how to better hear from God.

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