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A Safe Landing

A Christian Perspective on Counseling

Deeper Marital Connection

DISCUSSION: Connect deeper with your spouse as we explore what makes deep connections in communication. Be aware of the distractions that prevent you from truly having deep conversations. Find sacred times to put down the phone and your media and work through the bitterness that may prevent you from going to your spouse. As always, we welcome you t...


Let's Go Deeper

DESCRIPTION: Caleb McKean with A Safe Landing, PLLC Christian Counseling discusses topics related to emotional health. What does it mean to see Christ in the healing process for emotional health and healing the broken hearted? Expanding upon our prior conversation with hope. Hope is so important for the healing. Caleb discusses how hope and our per...


Self Control

DESCRIPTION: Caleb states that the Christian Counseling model of counseling he uses can differ from other types of counseling, especially regarding the topic of "Self Control". He addresses motivation to create change from actions that do not exhibit self control, examples of decisions not to change, and how to create change. Caleb discusses how he...


Going After God

In this Christian perspective on counseling, Caleb looks at what it means to "Go After God" and having Him renew your mind. Caleb discusses neurotheology (a multidisciplinary field of study that seeks to understand the relationship between the human brain and religion) in regards to what parts of the brain fire during different activities. For exam...


Looking for God's Glory

In this inspiring video, Caleb discusses the topic "Looking for God's Glory". First, Caleb gives a brief synopsis of The Glory of the Lord accompanying and being with the Israelites. Next, he discusses Christian experiences with The Glory; such as during worship. In John 17:3, we see the words "know the One True God and Jesus Christ the One He sent...


Recovering the Heart

In this video, Caleb McKean looks at emotions and feelings from a Christian Counseling viewpoint. Caleb talks about emotions and feelings. He's noticed that many people do not like feeling any type of strong emotion. And, he very clearly states a healthy goal in counseling: "Am I living life the best that I can, even if bad things happen." Therefor...


Are You Feeling Stuck?

DISCUSSION: Are you feeling stuck about something or things in your life? Caleb looks at how to grow and not feel stuck. He looks at relationships with people, our feelings about our life, and internal growth. Caleb discusses working towards deep, rooted changes vs. just doing things to feel comfortable or put up with problems. Growth can be hard, ...


Rest: How is it significant? Why can it be difficult for us?

DISCUSSION: Rest is essential to who God is. Rest is so significant to God. Why? What is rest? How do we look at resting as compared to anxiety? Caleb discusses the thought that anxiety manifests when there's a lack of rest. Rest provides us with what we need. Caleb also discusses what we need to heal and recover. However, when we rest, we can even...


Deeper Healing

DESCRIPTION: A Safe Landing, PLLC Christian Counseling. Caleb McKean continues the discussion regarding deeper emotional healing through Jesus in Christian Counseling. How going with God often means going deeper. He discusses what is healing for the broken hearted, for those with lots of stress? What is the importance in knowing our identity in Chr...


Spiritual Warfare

DISCUSSION: How a Christian Perspective in counseling can be helpful. In this video, Caleb discusses Spiritual Warfare and how it effects us. Often, thoughts are where the battle is played out. He discusses how learning about spiritual warfare can help us and references to it in the Bible. Caleb discusses the topic of deceit, thought process lies, ...


Rushing, Circling Negative Thoughts

Many people these days are talking about experiencing a lot of rushing thoughts going around and around constantly in their minds. Caleb discusses the difference between active and passive thoughts, and looks closely at this topic. CONTACT INFORMATION:PH: 405-696-7636 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: https://YourSafeLanding.com/Location...


Hope in Times of Struggle

Currently, there's so much struggle that people are experiencing. How do we have hope for the future? How do we deal with anxiety? In this video, we look at anxiety, depression, and how to have hope. Do you need to grow your hope and happiness? We hope these short tips will help. And, please feel free to call us; we'll be glad to help. CONTACT INFO...


Healthy Boundaries

A concept of boundaries that allows for different types of boundaries. We help you identify healthy boundaries,communicate the different types of boundaries, and work with them in life. We'll be glad to help you with the boundaries you may be needing. CONTACT INFORMATION: Ph: 405-696-7636, https://YourSafeLanding.com, Email: caleb.asafelanding@gmai...


Not Just Helping to Cope

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The way I understand how the term "coping" is used today is that if you have a problem, that problem will always be there and you just have to find away around it. Many times I see coping as a negative factor,  similar to that most popular hopeless phrase “It is what it is.” I don’t want to live with a big stinky pile of trash in the middle of...


You Are Not Alone

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 The feelings of fear and the overwhelming experience that nobody understands you— where does it come from? Sometimes it feels like even your own thoughts are against you. These thoughts are constantly reminding you that you’re completely alone, nobody cares about you, nobody sees you, and nobody wants to be around you. If you ever feel l...


Counseling with Wisdom


My approach to counseling is different than traditional counseling and the way of psychology. I want to make sure people know that when they come to see me they do not just meet with me, they are also meeting with the Great Counselor*--the one that brought them to me is also in the room. I cannot bring change or help the person alone. If it is just...