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A Safe Landing

A Christian Perspective on Counseling

The Power of Words

DISCUSSION: Caleb discusses the power and effects of the spoken word, along with the power of positive words. He also discusses the difference in effect between the words we simply think and those we actually speak out. Caleb discusses how the words you speak to yourself and to others can actually change your body, circumstances, environment, and r...


The Internal Dialogue of the Human Mind

Many people these days are talking about experiencing a lot of rushing thoughts going around and around constantly in their minds. Caleb discusses the difference between active and passive thoughts, and looks closely at this topic. CONTACT INFORMATION:PH: 405-696-7636 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: https://YourSafeLanding.com/Location...


Not Partnering with the Question

A Safe Landing takes a Christian approach to counseling. Caleb shares some suggestions for dealing with anxiety. Typically anxiety comes in question form: what about (this happening, or that happening), or what if (this) happens? One thing we can do is be mindful of the questions we are asking. We take an approach to counseling to help you have the...


What About Desire?

Everybody has desire and expectations for things. In this video, we briefly examine the topic of desire in scriptures, how to identify and develop healthy desires, and what do we need to be have our desires fashioned by in Him? We also look at expectations that may cloud or change effect our desires. CONTACT INFORMATION: Ph: 405-696-7636, https://Y...


You Are Not Alone

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 The feelings of fear and the overwhelming experience that nobody understands you— where does it come from? Sometimes it feels like even your own thoughts are against you. These thoughts are constantly reminding you that you’re completely alone, nobody cares about you, nobody sees you, and nobody wants to be around you. If you ever feel l...