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A Safe Landing

A Christian Perspective on Counseling

Not Partnering with the Question

A Safe Landing takes a Christian approach to counseling. Caleb shares some suggestions for dealing with anxiety. Typically anxiety comes in question form: what about (this happening, or that happening), or what if (this) happens? One thing we can do is be mindful of the questions we are asking. We take an approach to counseling to help you have the...


Hope in Times of Struggle

Currently, there's so much struggle that people are experiencing. How do we have hope for the future? How do we deal with anxiety? In this video, we look at anxiety, depression, and how to have hope. Do you need to grow your hope and happiness? We hope these short tips will help. And, please feel free to call us; we'll be glad to help. CONTACT INFO...


Hope for These Times

In the video below, Caleb provides a crucial perspective in counseling because of the times. Many people are needing multiple aspects of care. We want to encourage you that there is hope that surpasses all knowledge, all fears, all worries. He shows up. With our practice, He shows up daily. If you need help with counseling, we want you to know that...