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A Safe Landing

A Christian Perspective on Counseling

Deeper Marital Connection

DISCUSSION: Connect deeper with your spouse as we explore what makes deep connections in communication. Be aware of the distractions that prevent you from truly having deep conversations. Find sacred times to put down the phone and your media and work through the bitterness that may prevent you from going to your spouse. As always, we welcome you t...

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Let's Go Deeper

DESCRIPTION: Caleb McKean with A Safe Landing, PLLC Christian Counseling discusses topics related to emotional health. What does it mean to see Christ in the healing process for emotional health and healing the broken hearted? Expanding upon our prior conversation with hope. Hope is so important for the healing. Caleb discusses how hope and our per...

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Anchored Counseling Group


Good News! An 8-Week Faith based therapy group is being held at A Safe Landing. This is an 8-week therapy group to become anchored in God's Truth of who you are. It's held Mondays from 7pm - 9pm.Group starts October 17th.Cost: $250 plus cost of Anchored book. To find out more, please email Jenna at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  To find out mo...

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A Christian Perspective on Sin vs. Moral Issues

DISCUSSION: In this video, Caleb discusses perspectives on moral issues and sin. How does a society/culture function regarding sin and moral issues? How are these issues discussed in the Bible? What is the difference between our society's view and the Bible? In this brief synopsis, we'll look at just some of the perspectives Caleb brings on this to...

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Rest: How is it significant? Why can it be difficult for us?

DISCUSSION: Rest is essential to who God is. Rest is so significant to God. Why? What is rest? How do we look at resting as compared to anxiety? Caleb discusses the thought that anxiety manifests when there's a lack of rest. Rest provides us with what we need. Caleb also discusses what we need to heal and recover. However, when we rest, we can even...

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